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For the past 75 years Miami-Dade County Public Schools have produced some of the most outstanding individuals who have taken their place in a variety of areas throughout the United States and the world. The list includes actors, lawyers, physicians, astronauts, judges, businessmen, mayors, the former Attorney General of the United States and many other contributing members of society.

On the athletic side Miami-Dade County Public Schools have produced Olympic gold medalists, members of Superbowl championship teams, a World Series MVP, Hall of Fame inductees in two sports, members of NBA championship teams, the first Cuban-Americans to play in the NFL and Professional Basketball, a Women's US Golf Open champion, and numerous head coaches in college and professional sports. The one thing that all of these people have in common is that they all participated in high school athletics here in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Right now Miami-Dade County Schools are facing many budget decisions that have severely cut back on the individual high schools to run the programs that have helped develop the type of people mentioned above. Sports schedules have been cut back and in some cases even eliminated. The number of members allowed on a team has decreased. Costs of transportation, uniforms, officials and facilities have all increased. Quality coaches are taking other positions after school to help make ends meet at their homes. The Dade Schools Athletic Foundation, a 501c-3, is not in place to provide funds that the schools system should provide but we have been in place for many years to provide grants, scholarships and to supplement athletics here in the public high schools and middle schools.